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Digital Access and Equity

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Digital Access and Equity

This VoiceThread presentation examines the current state of “digital access and equity” in our schools, primarily as it affects low-income students.  Current issues, such as limited internet access, outdated BYOD policies and socioeconomic status are some of the issues presented.  Possible solutions to combat the “digital divide” facing today’s 21st Century Learners are explored.

To learn more about this pressing topic, view this VoiceThread and share your comments.  Also, check out the “Works Cited” pages at the end of the VoiceThread for suggested articles about “digital access and equity.”


Author: Kate Ardinger Flynn

Three years ago, I plunged back into graduate school at McDaniel College to pursue a career as a school media specialist. I will graduate in December 2014 and begin searching for a position as an elementary school media specialist. I am an avid reader of fiction for all ages. I enjoy helping young readers find books that take them on an adventure and potentially hook them as life-long readers. I am the mother of two daughters--both "book worms" in their own right. I live in Maryland with my husband, daughters, and collie, Scout.

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