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The 5 W’s of Blogging

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What: A blog is a real-time, on-line journal that allows people to share their thoughts and ideas and get feedback from followers.  As soon as you hit publish, your words and ideas are shared with your audience.

Who: Students, teachers, librarians, moms, dads, professionals… anyone can create a blog.

Why: You have something to share with the world or want to foster a community discussion.  It’s a forum to communicate with others about a common topic; a place to share ideas and gain feedback; a place to let your creativity come alive.

When: Morning, noon or night.  You can blog anytime you want (so long as you are abiding by your teacher, boss or parents’ rules.)

Where: The beauty of blogging is that you can do it anywhere you have access to the internet.  You can use a portable device such as a Smartphone, tablet or laptop.  The options are endless.  You can blog at school, the library, at home, so long as you are being responsible and following digital etiquette (i.e. not using devices in school when you are not supposed to be doing so).


Author: Kate Ardinger Flynn

Three years ago, I plunged back into graduate school at McDaniel College to pursue a career as a school media specialist. I will graduate in December 2014 and begin searching for a position as an elementary school media specialist. I am an avid reader of fiction for all ages. I enjoy helping young readers find books that take them on an adventure and potentially hook them as life-long readers. I am the mother of two daughters--both "book worms" in their own right. I live in Maryland with my husband, daughters, and collie, Scout.

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